Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month: What You Can Do

Published on June 6th, 2019

In honor of June marking Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, we wanted to shed light on the importance of not only physical wellness but mental wellness, too. Personal training near Kinnelon, NJ is a great activity to incorporate into your daily routine, but make sure to take the time to take care of your mental health as well.


Every June, the Alzheimer’s Association encourages a global conversation about brain health and steps that we can take to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Plus, did you know that Alzheimer’s is the only leading cause of death that can’t be prevented, cured or slowed?


Love Your Brain with These Tips

  • Educate yourself: Did you know that formal education at any stage in your life is one of the best ways to keep your brain sharp? Enroll in that class you’ve been thinking about taking and start seeing the benefits.
  • Eat right: Fuel your body with the right foods – try to stick to a diet that consists of fruits and vegetables. Certain diets, such as a Mediterranean-based diet, can help reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s.
  • Get enough sleep: Getting enough sleep is one of the easiest ways to take care of yourself, including your brain. If you don’t get enough sleep, you may develop problems with memory and thinking.
  • Challenge yourself: Whether it be assembling a piece of furniture or completing a complicated jigsaw puzzle, challenging yourself to think outside of the box is one of the best ways to exercise your brain.
  • Workout: Sign up for personal training near Kinnelon, NJ is another great way to take care of both your brain and your body. Elevating your heart rate helps increase blood flow to your brain, and studies show a link between exercise and a reduced risk of cognitive decline.


Implement these tips into your routine year-round to see the greatest benefits!

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