Deciding When to Take a Rest Day

Published on January 23rd, 2020


Pushing yourself during one of your weekly fitness classes is standard, but at what point do you allow yourself to take a rest day as opposed to pushing yourself to your limit? An important aspect of a successful workout regimen is knowing when your body needs a break. Too much working out can cause your body to give out on you, resulting in injuries, a decrease in performance, and a loss of enthusiasm. At Advanced Fitness and Wellness in Riverdale, NJ, we’re determined to help you meet your fitness goals.


Consider the following questions to determine when to rest and when to push yourself.


Is Your Pain Nagging?

If you feel any sort of nagging pain in a particular area of your body, this could be a sign that your muscles are inflamed and could benefit from rest. Continuing to workout to push through the pain will result in the need to take more time off in the long run.


Feeling Weak or “Off”

When you go to the gym, you always want to perform your best. Be aware that an overall “off” or weak feeling could be a warning sign that you are overtraining yourself. Or maybe you can typically run 3 miles, but you struggled to finish the first 200 meters. Give yourself a much-needed break.


Determine How Motivated You Feel

A total lack of motivation to attend one of our Fitness Classes in Wayne, NJ is a sign that you need a break. Maybe you don’t need a physical break, but mentally, the motivation isn’t there. Overdoing it in the gym is an easy thing to do. Reset by taking a day or two off.


When you return to the gym, you’ll feel re-energized and re-focused on performing your best!

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