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Published on December 22nd, 2017


Here at Advanced Fitness and Wellness Center, we have taken fitness to the next level. Our fitness classes in Riverdale NJ are so varied, you can be sure to find a class that fits you. But on top of our cutting-edge fitness classes, we bring so much more to the table.

Maintaining or becoming healthy takes a multidisciplinary approach. Weight training, cardio, diet, mobility, and injury prevention all must have their place. Our all-encompassing fitness center takes away any challenge by bringing all of these services into one place. Here’s a taste of what we offer.


Fitness Classes in Riverdale NJ


Whatever it is you are looking for in a fitness class, we have it. Our center offers barre, boot camp, low impact, Olympic fit, spin, yoga, and functional training. As you can see, regardless of your fitness level or experience level there is a class for you. Our classes are suitable for beginners up to experts.


Personal Training


Perhaps you are not ready for the group experience yet. Take advantage of our personal training to work one on one with an expert. Your training will be completely individualized so you can achieve your goals in a safe and effective manner. You can be confident that cutting-edge research is being used in your program design.


Small Group Training


Like a personal training session, but with close friends. This a great way to train as you and your group will push each other to become better and better.


Nutritional Counseling


Nutrition and training go hand in hand. Your food is your fuel for the upcoming day and workout. Our nutritionist will provide a tailor-made plan to help you reach your goals, whatever those may be.


Elite Athletic Training


Those of you striving to be the best athlete you can be, look no further. We have experienced and well-known professionals who can push you to the next level. Our strength and conditioning program will make you stronger, faster, and healthier.


One-on-One Boxing Sessions


For anyone who just can’t motivate themselves to get through a workout, this may be the program for you. Go one-on-one with our personal trainers in this intense workout and watch your body become stronger.


Call Today


For the very best fitness classes in Riverdale NJ, come work with the best at the Advanced Fitness and Wellness Center. No matter what your fitness goals or needs, we are confident we can help. Call today at 973.530.4300.

    "This is how you do customer care! I was so wowed! Seriously, I thought service with a smile was a thing of the past."

    ~ Deborah W.

    "Working with Brendan, my new trainer, is incredible! This guy knows exactly what my body needs and what my mind needs to maintain my motivation. Fantastic experience!!"

    ~ Cherie G.

    "This gym has a sense of community. If you are struggling or looking for ways to switch up your normal workout out routine, the staff is more than willing to help you find what works for you. Exercise is not one-size-fits-all, the staff knows this and designs a plan for you."

    ~ Laura B.