Support the Boys in their fight against Muscular Dystrophy

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Single event is $30. To participate in both is $50.

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We need your help in raising funds for a very important cause and some terrific Kids!
This will be our first annual Bench Press & Push-Ups for Kids fundraiser on
February 10th at 9am.

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We are looking for participants to sign up in competing maximum reps in the following categories:

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1. Bench Press

  • Men’s Bench Press – 200 lbs
  • Jr Male Bench Press (under 18) – 155 lbs
  • Adult/Jr Women bench Press – 65 lbs

2. Total Push Ups

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We need your help in raising funds for a very important cause for three terrific kids! Two brothers Cole (13) and Jack (11) along with their buddy Brandon (15) have been diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy from a very young age. A slow progressive degenerative condition, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy has left the three boys wheelchair dependent and will eventually have a total loss of the use of their upper and lower extremities. It is necessary to retrofit their homes to accommodate their current and future situations. These costs are not covered by insurance companies and will exceed $100,000.00. It is up to us to raise the bar and generously support this event as a participant and/or sponsor to exceed our $100,000.00 goal!!!

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Participants need to print and sign this liability waiver for the event. This waiver is needed in order to participate.


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