Light Weights, More Reps or Heavy Weights, Fewer Reps?

Published on July 9th, 2018

In the world of weightlifting at our fitness center near Wayne, NJ, clients often wonder whether they should be using light weights and completing more repetitions or using heavier weights and completing fewer repetitions? The answer is not as straightforward as you’d hope, as each approach has its benefits. Long story short, a combination of both heavy and light weights will give you the best of both worlds. Here’s what you need to know about each approach.


Benefits of More Reps

Using heavier weights and completing more repetitions will get you stronger in a different way. You are able to create more muscular enduring, meaning you can complete repetitions for a longer period of time. You are also more able to focus on proper lifting technique because your muscles aren’t overly tired. There’s a long-lasting after-burn effect as well.


Benefits of Heavy Weights

When you lift heavy weights at our fitness center near Wayne, NJ, you’ll experience benefits as well. The heavier weights you lift, the better your overall strength. At some point, however, you will hit a plateau and won’t be able to lift any heavier weights. This is a good sign that you should switch up your routine.


Combining both heavy weights and fewer repetitions with lower weights and more repetitions are ideal to increase endurance and build overall strength. If you hit a fitness plateau, try switching your weight-lifting routine. At Advanced Fitness & Wellness, our experienced trainers can guide you in the right direction to help you achieve the fitness results you want.


Source: Greatist

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