October is National Physical Therapy Month

Published on October 7th, 2019

As October is National Physical Therapy Month, we want to take the time to express all of the incredible benefits that physical therapy has to offer! In addition to personal training near Wayne our team realizes how important physical therapy is in helping people of all ages return to their full level of functionality.

Avoid Surgery

If you’ve recently been injured and surgery is an option to help remedy the problem, physical therapy is an ideal solution to help you recover in an alternative way. If surgery is unavoidable, physical therapy is still a great way to help fully recover after your procedure is over.

Improve Balance, Prevent Falls

Aging patients rely on physical therapy to help them improve their balance and reduce their risk of falls. Therapists will carefully challenge your balance to replicate real-life situations so you can practice safe habits. Improvement in coordination is another benefit that therapists can offer, teaching specific maneuvers to help restore vestibular functioning after a fall.

Manage Diabetes

With the stark number of people worldwide who suffer from diabetes, physical therapy is a great way to incorporate physical exercise into their routine without overdoing it. It’s also helpful in educating patients about foot care techniques to prevent future problems.

Reduce or Eliminate Pain

Last, but not least, one of the main benefits of physical therapy is pain reduction. It’s ideal for joint and soft tissue mobilization. Restore your muscles and joint functionality through a series of exercises that your therapist teaches you.

If you’ve been considering physical therapy, try it out this October!

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